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This text is presented in English, French and German. It includes a book and 4 CDs. It presents a fascinating journey through the life of Ernesto Che Guevara, the revolutionary of the 20th century par excellence. Photographs and documents are compiled together to illustrate the most important phases in his life: the set of one CD with Tango Argentina, another with Cuban folk music, a third with a wonderful musical journey narrating the time he spent in Africa, to his tragic end in Bolivia is complete with a fourth CD containing international workers' and battle songs. Che fought in Latin America - on a continent where there were still medieval conditions through the prevalent social imbalance, and where many humans were treated like dirt. For the campesinos - the peasant population - he has become a symbol of liberation. His struggle soon became widely popular even across borders, and was understood as the battle between the oppressed and the oppressors per se. Then as now, he is the incarnation of the myth of freedom as an eternal value. Che was the champion against injustice in his world, though he has since been turned into a symbol for anyone fighting for justice. A strong and pure hero sacrificing himself for class struggle in a country in which the ruling class had the right to decide about life or death of any class below their own. Che was a citizen of the people, and he is remembered as such - as someone who would give his shirt off his back for justice and even sacrifice his life. A symbol of the leftist movement itself on the one hand, as well as one for any human being of good intentions on the other; someone who would hoist the flag of freedom in the name of the people.


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